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A green and flourishing environment

with no effort knowledge or experience

Successful plants growing


EZinGrow offers an innovative solution for growing a wide variety of plants in an indoor environment (home, office, organization) with no prior knowledge or experience, making the growing experience easy and enjoyable.

EZinGrow's product turns each regular off the shelf pot into a smart habitat using a local controller unit mounted on the pot to monitor and control the plant's growing parameters and a remote growing application operated on a mobile phone, computer or cloud to produce an optimal growing plan for each plant in each pot.

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Simplicity and efficiency on the road to success

How does the system work?


Sensors deployed at the pot monitor growing and environmental conditions of the plant


The controller unit of the pot sends the collected data to a growth application executed remotely at a mobile, tablet, computer or cloud


The growth app builds a growing plan tailored for the plant


The growth application sends  growing instructions to the controller unit at the pot


The pot controller operates irrigation and lighting (optional) according to the growing instructions


The user has complete monitor and control capabilities via a mobile application

All our benefits

One product that has it all

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The pot unit blends the pot without affecting its appearance and beauty

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The system is extremely quiet and does not disturb the environment

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Minimal and simple maintenance operations which are automatically provided

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Fully automated growth routine

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Low power consumption allowing extended operation using rechargeable batteries

A breeding ground

Growth in a hydroponic substrate or soil

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Low weight

The pot unit is very light weight adding insignificant weight to the pot

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Optional accessories such as waterfalls, windmills and more

The controller unit installed in the pot includes a computerized controller, sensors and an original and unique irrigation nodular mechanism by EZinGrow designed to easily fit into almost any pot regardless of its size, shape or material without affecting the visual appearance of the pot.


Perfect experience and control

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Environmental conditions, such as lighting, temperature and humidity may vary from place to place. The remote is therefore adapted to generate optimal growth plan for each plant in each pot according to the unique conditions identified at for the specific in order to achieve the desired result.

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