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The vision

The company's vision is to facilitate a smart infrastructure for creating a natural green environment in living spaces, offices, institutions and basically any indoor environment. The products are user friendly, easy to operate and require no prior plants growing knowledge or experience.


A complete solution

The solution is a complete end-to-end solution, from monitoring the plant's growth and environmental conditions and plant's images analysis through customizing growth plans to remote support and cloud-based services based on analysis of data (BIG DATA) collected from many planters combined with machine learning to identify and generate an optimal growth plan for each plant. The growing model and support services are also based on professional agronomic knowledge shared by expert agronomists.

Development status

The company is currently in the final stages of product development and is preparing itself for the initial production phase in order to prepare for mass production and worldwide distribution.

The main patent of the product has already been granted in the US and additional patents protecting other elements of the solution are in advanced approval procedures.

Due to human need and desire for natural surroundings, the company envisions the smart pots and planters to become an integral part of future home, office and organization environment.

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